Tuesday, 31 July 2012

7 Wants..

Seven wants today, think this one will be easy :)

1. A Chanel 2.55 bag. Iconic. Amazing. I want!!!

2. Christian Louboutin shoes. A girl's dream shoe, everyone wants to have those gorgeous shoes with the red soles. 

3. To be thin. I'm not bothered about looking like a rake, but just not look like I could sink the titanic would be nice!!

4. To take my boyfriend's son Stephen to DisneyWorld Florida. I can remember how awestruck I was the first time I went and met all my Disney heroes, and I feel like taking Stephen would be more rewarding just to see his face light up :D

5. 100 GFC followers. Not a big goal, but to reach 3 figures would be amazing, especially as it'll be the same month as by birthday hopefully (maybe a giveaway will come too). 

6. Smaller boobs. I know, usually it's the opposite way round but I hate them. They just get in the way all the time, and make me have backache. Not a good time. 

7. I want to make Anthony happy, and make sure he knows everyday just how amazing and gorgeous he really is. 

:) xxx

Monday, 30 July 2012

8 Fears..

Today it's time to let you guys know eight of my deepest and darkest fears!! Well, I'm gonna warn you now I have some very weird fears and phobias so please don't judge me!!

1. When walking along a path that's next to a road, I refuse to walk on the side nearest to the road. I hate it. I'm so scared I'm gonna trip or I'm going to get pushed into the road, fall over and smash my face. I think this stems from when my friend did this when we were about 8 and it's scared me ever since!!

2. Closing the blinds when it's dark outside. When I was about 9 or 10, I watched the Silence of the Lambs, and since then I hate going to my window when it's dark outside because I'm scared Anthony Hopkin's face is going to be stood there staring at me. Weird I know, but it gets me everytime. I may be the only person who closes the blinds at 6pm haha!!

3. I have a compulsive need for people to like me. It kills me to think anyone has something bad to say about me, or that I haven't done enough for someone to think I'm a nice person. I'm so scared they won't like me, and it used to really get to me. Luckily thanks to my boyfriend, I've become a lot more confident, realising that if they don't like me for me, screw them (however I'll be the best me they've ever met)!!

4. Ageing. I know every woman says she's scared of getting old, but I really do. I have break downs every year just before my birthday, fearing I look older. My Mam joked about me having crows feet and I didn't leave the house for a week. I know ageing happens, and I should embrace it as it comes with so many rewards, but I still don't feel ready to be a grown up yet.

5. I wanna say creepy crawlies, but it's the fast son of a bitches that scare me, not the creepy ones!! Seeing a spider just sat on the wall, or moseying about doesn't really bother me. I know that if I wanted to catch it, I could and that's that. The whole 'He's more scared of you than you're scared of him' philosophy and all that. BUT the fast ones that can sprint quicker than Usain Bolt, now they're the ones I worry about. I'm scared I'll be in bed then all of a sudden their ninja spider asses will be there beside me :(

6. Losing someone close to me. When I was younger, my Mam had cancer, and at the same time her best friend had it too. Unfortunately, her best friend passed away and it terrified me from then the thought of losing her. I used to have nightmares that a dog called cancer would eat my Mam, and I didn't sleep for weeks. Since then I always ensure I tell every person I love that I do, every single day. I tell my parents every morning and night, and tell my boyfriend about ten times a day. Just because, you never know when it could be the last time.

7. Failure. I think it's a pretty obvious one. The feeling you're never going to be good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough or the best at everything. Disappointing the important people in your life is terrifying, and is the worst feeling in the world.

8. Last but not least, my weirdest phobia is peas. Yes that's right, the little green vegetables!! I don't know why, but all of a sudden the sight of them made me have panic attacks. Sometimes when I've ordered something without peas, and they forget and bring it with peas, I tell people I'm allergic so they don't think I'm a complete idiot. And no, I don't simply allow them to scrape them off the  plate, I need my food on a new plate, and if I saw the peas really touch some of my food I'll not eat it. I know I'm totally loco but, so what, it's quirky right???

So you all still like me yeah??? haha xxx

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Nine loves..

Time for nine loves, probably easier to write than my ten secrets..

1. My number one love is my boyfriend, Anthony. Cheesy to say it but he's the best thing that's ever happened to me. He's so supportive in every aspect of my life, and is always there for me no matter what. I literally feel like he's the other half of me. :)

2. My Daddy. I'm a massive Daddy's girl, it's true that the main man you'll ever love is your Dad. He's the best, we just have so much in common and I can go to my Daddy about anything at all. So many things I've learned from him, and I've took after him for, like my love for pop music, my awesome sense of humour, and my love for horror movies.

3. My Mam. If anyone had said to me two years ago I would be close with my Mam, I would laugh in their face. We never got on for years, probably because we're literally the same person. I feel sorry for my Dad for having to look after both of us. However, at the grand ages of 22 and 50, I can finally say my Mam is my  best friend, who I can tell anything and everything to.

4. Nail polishes. My absolute massive beauty vice. I love nail polishes, my aim in life is to have every colour under the rainbow in them.

5. My bestest friends, the Cool Kids. They're literally five of the nicest girls you can ever meet and I feel like we are all just so in sync. I just wish we all lived together instead of living at every end of the country!!

6. Disney. Disney is the ultimate brand. I love everything Disney, the places, the films, the music, the characters, EVERYTHING. I feel like Disney is my youth, and by watching the films I feel like it keeps me youthful! I love rewatching them and remembering how I felt at the time, I also LOVE how I understand half the jokes now!

7. Food. *Insert big girl joke here*

8. My boyfriend's son. He's so cute and adorable and possibly the best child alive. He cracks me up sometimes, and I'm pretty sure he has a better sense of humour than me. He is good as gold, and he's so smart too! He's gonna be a heartbreaker when he grows up, so watch out!!!

9. I know I've already said, but my ninth love has to go to my boyfriend Anthony again. Because he's the beginning and the end for me. CHEESE

Saturday, 28 July 2012

10 Secrets...

I first noticed this challenge on two of my favouritest bloggers Louise at Confessions of a Secret Shopper and Hayley at MakeUp, Movies & More and I found myself slowly getting addicted, fearing the day when the ten days would be up! So I thought I'd be a copycat sitting on the doormat and do one of my own, so I know for at least the next 10 days I'll still be getting my fix of it!!

The first day is ten secrets.. so be prepared..

1. I love The Little Mermaid. I love it so much, every time I see anything to do with Ariel and her undersea friends, I HAVE to buy it. Don't ask why, I just love her. Maybe that's where I get my obsession of becoming a redhead came from.

2. I have the five best friends EVER, who I met through Cheerleading at university, not as bitchy as you would expect. We all live spread across the country, but when we meet up it's like we still live a couple of streets away. We call ourselves the 'Cool Kids' or 'CK' for short, but we are not cool. Not.one.bit.

3. I know every single word, sentence, conversation, episode, everything from Friends. It's my favourite TV show, and always will be. I can never get sick of it, and can quote every single episode from all ten seasons. Loser.

4. I have two different sized feet. Like a whole size. I should really have two different sized shoes. Awkward.

5. The thought of ageing scares the jeepers out of me. I've used anti-ageing products since the age of 17. Prevention is the best cure for wrinkles!! 

6. I've voluntarily spent the last seven years in further education and gained four A-Levels, a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree, yet I don't have a clue what I want to be when I grow up.

7. Nail polishes are my weakness. I just buy them on impulse, and I don't think I've ever used a full nail polish up. I've set myself a goal for the next six months to try and use a full bottle of nail polish that isn't a base coat/top coat. Of course, I've then got to replace them with shiny new products!!!

8. I know this is like a crime for beauty bloggers, but I honestly don't see what the fuss is about MAC products are. I do own a couple, and yeah they're good, but I honestly don't think I'd swap my bargain drugstore brands for them. (Maybe when I'm rich and can afford it, maybe I feel guilty spending so much money.)

9. I love cheesy music. I love Glee, Steps, musicals and of course, the Spice Girls. Girl Power.

10. I have an insane fear of parenthood, and have also been known to have panic attacks or suffer from anxiety even if I'm near a baby. However I love my boyfriend's son like he was my own, he's the perfect child.

If you decide to join in, please comment with your links so I can have a nose at yours too!! I need my fix :D


Thursday, 26 July 2012


I have been getting ridiculously addicted to instagram lately! I think it's such a cute way to share photographs, as well as viewing others! Plus I LOVE the effects you can do on them!!

My instagram name is jenhenshall, follow me and I'll follow you too :) Let me know your guys names too!!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

OOTD.. Study day

I was just popping through to do a bit of work without being distracted by TV!! I'm currently about 4 weeks from completely finishing and it's getting stressful so just a quick OOTD before I take some time out to go to the cinema...

Shirt - Primark
Vest - Primark
Leggings - Marks & Spencer
Scarf - River Island
Boots - Uggs


Suggestions for blogs to read..

I love reading new blogs, I feel like not only does it help my knowledge of beauty and makeup, but it also helps me as a blog writer as I would never think people would be interested in certain things!

Therefore, I was hoping people could suggest one or two of their favourite blogs they like to read, so I can go and have a look over and expand my reading. I always love reading new blogs (I still LOVE reading all my trusty favourites) because they're brand spanking new to me and it's always fun to have something new haha!!

Let me know guys since I love reading all your blogs, I'd love to know who you love to read.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Nail Polish Collection??

I was organising my nail polishes today and was quite surprised at just how many I had acquired (this is the first time I had put them all together). I was just wondering if any of you guys would be interested in seeing a nail polish collection post/posts about all of them and which I rate/don't??

Let me know guys!!

Mwah xxx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

First attempt at Ombre Nails..

I've always wanted to try the ombre hair trend as I think it looks amazing, unfortunately I recently got my locks chopped and I love being a red head far too much. So I love the idea of ombre nails, so on a whim I decided to try it using a kitchen sponge and a few of my new nail polishes.. Here is my attempt..

Essie Turquoise & Caicos, Barry M Silvery Lilac, George Natural White

I started off by applying a base coat, I used Essie's ridge filling base coat (which I raved about HERE). I then applied a white nail polish (Asda's George nail polish in Natural White).

Next I covered the edge of the sponge with my first chosen nail polish. I chose Essie's Turquoise & Caicos as I LOVE this pastel kind of turquoise colour.

Then you dab it on to the nail to create a kind of gradient colour fade. I had to do this a few times, I believe it should be easier using a makeup sponge rather than a kitchen sponge but I didn't have any to hand.

Then after you've let it dry, you repeat this with your second colour. I used Barry M's Silvery Lilac as I liked that it had a bit of glitter in. Now I wish I'd used a more matte colour, but I like the effect all the same.

And voile!! Here is my final image :) Hope you guys like it!!

Mwah xxxx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

What's in my Joliebox: July Edition...

Losing another virginity here by receiving my first beauty box so was majorly excited when I got a knock on my door this morning and it arrived!! I've only seen one July Joliebox post so far so was nice to not know what I was going to get at all.

So what I got was..

Etat Pur - Pure Active Salicyclic Acid 300 : I'm looking forward to trying this out as it's supposed to be good for those who suffer breakouts and blemished skin, and since I am prone to these, especially when I am under stress (as I am now) so hopefully will help me out a bit!!

Jane Iredale - Tantasia Self Tanner : I love being tanned. End of. So when I saw that there was a tanner that could be used on your face, I was delighted as I have wasted endless amounts of money trying to find a one that works for me so I'm excited to try this out. I don't know if it's just me but I think it smells kinda orange-y too, which I'm unsure about. 

Institut Esthederm - Bronz Repair anti-wrinkle tanning cream : A sun lotion mixed with an anti-wrinkle cream. Shame I didn't have this before I went on holiday! But if we ever do get a summer, I'll be excited to try this out :) 

Nailgirls in Bronze and Gold : Inspired by the Olympics, these metallic shades should be fun to use depending how well Team GB are doing! Hopefully gold all the way!!

Wen By Caz Dean - Sweet Almond and Mint Cleansing Conditioner : I've heard a lot about Wen products, so I'm excited to try this out. I only condition the ends of my hair, so may have to give it a good cleanse from root to tip with this! Always worth a try!!

JolieBox toe separators : Cute and pink.. I like..

Has anyone else received their box yet?
Is JolieBox the best one to get???

Mwah xxx

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Losing my Essie virginity..

Just a short and sweet post to rave about losing my Essie virginity...Well, it's not properly losing my Essie virginity as I've only used the base coat, but I had to mention it as I was so impressed! On a recent random trip to TK Maxx, I picked up a bunch of Essie nail polishes as was so excited by the price (5 for £17.98).

When preparing my nails for an upcoming tutorial, I decided to use my new Essie ridge filling base coat and my oh my was I ever so amazed!! Not only did it even out my damaged nails, but it gave my nails a nice sheen and I would use this even by itself. Definitely overtaking my love for Barry M's All in One polish!! It also makes my nails feel stronger and it dries ridiculously fast.

Hopefully will have the tutorial posted up tomorrow, still deciding between ombre nails and cling film nails! Any preference???

Mwah xxx

Monday, 16 July 2012

Beauty Haul..

This weekend has been such a fun filled one! It's been my boyfriend's birthday so been out having fun with him and his son and it's been pretty amazing!! So whilst out on our travels, we shopped around and I treated myself to some goodies!!

First stop was The Body Shop where I picked up some Raspberry Ripple bath and shower gel only £2 in the sale reduced from £4! I love the Body Shop and it reminds me of being a kid sooo much!! I then popped into Lush, and I FINALLY managed to get the Bubblegum Lip Scrub which I have been after for ages. I'm looking forward to trying this out as heard so many good reviews.

Next, I purchased a lipstick from YSL in the end of season sale too. Now I'm not really about what's 'in season' and what isn't when it comes to makeup, I care about what looks nice and works best for myself. So when I found this lipstick for just £12.33 instead of £23.50 I had to snap it up!! It is their Rouge Pur Pure Lipstick in shade 132 beige nude and it's just a beautiful nudey brown.

Turquoise & Caicos, Fed Up, Ridge Filling Base Coat, Tart Deco, Hopping Island

I then ventured into TK Maxx, now I don't normally go here but I've seen so many people talk about getting some great beauty buys so thought why not?? I am so glad I did as I managed to get 5 Essie nail polishes for only £17.98! When they are £7.99 each in Boots and Superdrug, it works out that I made a massive saving of £21.97! Cannot complain there really!! So pleased with them, will do a full review on each as I use them!

Finally, popped into some arcades and they had the machines where you win tickets and then exchange for prizes. On the first game I played I hit the jackpot for 500 tickets!! So we treat ourselves to a few goodies!! We got Pac-Man salt and pepper shakers (WHICH I LOOOVE), an Angry Birds ball for my boyfriend's son and a Pac-Man stress ball as I'm sure I'm pretty trying on my boyfriend sometimes haha!!

All in all a great win for the purse as found some great bargains! Anyone else had some great hauls or finds??

Mwah xxx

P.S. please do me a favour and watch this video >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfcB7ucX_3A&feature=plcp it's definitely entertaining :) THANKS xx

Thursday, 12 July 2012

OOTD whilst it's kinda sunny..

Just a quick OOTD.. I thought since its actually kinda sunny to get the florals out!!

Floral top - was £19.99 now £7
Leggings - £10
Ugg boots - £159

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

*Review* Urban Decay Preen Eye Palette

I actually received this palette last Christmas, but never really had a chance to use it.. until now! I always wanted to use it but kept saying 'I'll save it for a special occasion' well everyday is a special occasion and thought I'd share some swatches with you guys!

So first, I LOVE the packaging..  I love peacocks, therefore I love this. I also love that they've continued the peacock theme inside the box too. I just think Urban Decay are second to none for aesthetics on their cosmetics, I love them.

Inside, there are 6 colours which fall in line with the peacock-y kind of colours, an eyeshadow primer potion and a black eyeliner. I love the colours in this, palette, especially the bronze colours. They are exceptionally pigmented and are just a pleasure to put on. I'm gonna work towards creating a subtle peacock themed look using this palette so will let you guys know and have pictures when I've managed it!!

Overall, I LOVE this palette and I'm so disappointed at myself for not using it sooner, especially as I always use the primer potion with my other eyeshadows. Next on my list is the Naked 2 palette and the Book of Shadows.

Have you guys tried the Preen palette?? Any suggestions over other Urban Decay cosmetics I could try???

Coming soon.. I'm letting my boyfriend do my makeup, wish me look!! Pictures will be up soon :)

Mwah xx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Birthday Wishlist...

As my birthday is rapidly approaching, I thought I'd have a look round to see if there was anything in particular I could ask the birthday fairy for!! So I've put together a small compilation of things I wouldn't mind receiving on the day I turn even older!!!

Clockwise from left:
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in Boy - £24
Amazon Kindle - £89
Anything 'The Little Mermaid'
Pandora Ring in size 52 - £65
Crazy Stupid Love - £7
Cheryl Cole - A Million Lights -  £9.97
MAC Heavenly Creatures Mineralize Eye Shadow in Aurora - £16.50
Kardashian Konfidential - from £6.42
River Island Bag £25.00 £12.00
MUA Undressed Palette £4.00
Pandora Charms £25.00 - £30.00

Anyone else think of anything I can wish for??

Mwah xxx

Monday, 9 July 2012

*REVIEW* Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve

When I saw what was free with this month's Glamour magazine, having such a complex about the dark circles under my eyes I instinctively picked up a copy with Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream and thought nothing more of it. After looking at what I could of had, I thought I'd possibly invest in the Lip Salve as I have been getting awfully chapped lips recently and my trusty Vaseline Rosy Lips has just not been doing the job, I thought it couldn't hurt to try it for £2!!!

First off, I LOVE the packaging. I think it's simple, yet elegant and the perfect size to be able to carry around with you anywhere be it day or night. I also loved the fact that 100% of the ingredients were natural, so nothing chemical or man made was getting to me, which sometimes makes my skin/lips even worse.

When I first opened the lid, I wasn't a fan of the smell at all. It smelt a bit too 'natural' and 'pot pourri'ish.. Whereas personally I like a bit of a fruity smell to my lip products. When I applied it, it felt a bit greasy on my lips, which isn't great and all I could focus on was the smell as I hated it. Yes, it did make my lips softer and less dry, however the smell has completely put me off.

I would rate it 8/10 for the actual product and its use.
I would rate it 1/10 for smell though.

Not something I would purchase full price, which is sad as I absolutely loved the eye cream!!!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sale and Beauty Haul..

I am a saleaholic. As soon as I hear or see sales, I have to venture in to the stores, even if it's a store I don't normally go into, yano just in case you spot a bargain. So imagine my glee when I found out about my favourite store River Island's 50% sale. Heaven. So I thought I would show you what I purchased, along with a couple of items from George at Asda's sale and a few beauty buys/magazine freebies!!

So let us start with River Island sale, I have over 50 dresses so I banned myself from purchasing anything but daywear..

£10.00 £5.00

£12.00 £6.00

£16.00 £8.00

£20.00 £10.00

£15.00 £5.00

Apple Ring £12.00 £4.00
Owl Ring £4.00 £2.00
LOVE Bracelet £3.00 £1.00
Trio of rings (Dorothy Perkins) £2.00

Now for good old George for Asda...

£12.00 £5.00

£8.00 £4.00

Now for my beauty buys and freebies, I bought three nail polishes, a lipstick, a mascara, an eyeshadow and a palette and got free with this month's Glamour magazine and Marie Claire, the Balance me Lip Salve, Balance Me wonder eye cream and Avon's Supershock MAX mascara..

Lipstick - Miss Beauty UK No4 Nude - £1.00
Avon Supershock Max Mascara - free with Marie Claire Magazine
Natural Collection LashLength Mascara - £1.99 (3 for £5)
Natural Collection Eyeshadow in Asteroid - £1.99 (3 for £5)
Balance Me Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve - free with Glamour Magazine
17 Peepshow Eye Palette - £1.49
Natural Collection Nail Polish in Lunar Haze - £1.99 (3 for £5)
Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream - free with Glamour Magazine
George Nail Polish in Witchcraft - £1
George Nail Polish in Swoosh - £1

Sorry for such a long post!! I was going to do a video for this but chickened out at the last minute!! Did anyone else get any good bargains in the River Island sale?????

Thursday, 5 July 2012

What's in my bag?

My major guilty pleasure of blogs are 'What's in my bag?' posts. Therefore whilst cleaning out my bag of all the rubbish I had in it, I thought what better time than to do one of my own!!

Nude and Gold Bag
I got this bag in the Primark sale for just £5 and I love it, it is the perfect size and can fit so much in it. I used it as my flight bag when I flew to Tunisia.

Fifty Shades Freed
When I first heard about these books, I wasn't that fussed about reading them. But as popularity grew, I thought I'd jumped on the bandwagon. I loved the first two, but struggling to get into this one.

Vaseline Rosy Lips
I have an addiction to Vaseline as think it's such an affordable and multi use beauty buy. I love that this has a pink tint so don't need to dry out lips with lipsticks or glosses.

Garnier BB Cream sample
I keep meaning to try this as I've heard BB creams are better for those with oily skin, so keep carrying it around hoping that one day I'll use it!!

Blackberry Curve 8520
Over the last 2 years I have LOVED my blackberry, BBM was my obsession but knowing my upgrade is next week, I have to have the serious think as to whether to continue with a Blackberry or convert to the iPhone crew. Help?!?


MAC Dazzleglass - Baby Sparks
I love glosses waaaaay over lipsticks (I only own 2 lipsticks), so I always carry a gloss. This one is such a soft neutral pink, it goes with everything.



Sure Deodrant in Clear Pure
I don't like to smell, therefore deodrant is a must!!

FCUK Purse
This was a TK Maxx bargain, it's cute and can fit everything I need in.

Soap and Glory Hand Food
My favourite ever hand lotion, working with cardboard boxes a lot and moving stock around can really cause my hands to get dry so this is an essential for me. Plus it smells beaut too :)

Various vouchers

Gok Wan prescription sunglasses.
I don't know why but I feel a bit embarrassed over having Gok Wan sunglasses but they're beautiful and help me see better. Score!!


Bank Book


The Hungry Caterpillar Tissues

Pandora Bracelet
I love my Pandora bracelet and every single charm means soo much to me. Everytime I'm down, I look at it and remember all the good times and how I'm so lucky to have people who care about me.

Mwah xxx

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

June Favourites

If I'm honest, I haven't really tried anything new and exciting this month to be able to really have a lot of favourites, so this is going to be a short and sweet post!!

This month, I went away to Tunisia as you can see in the post here. Thanks to my lucky mama, I tried Avon's After Sun Shimmer Tan Enhancer. It adds an amazing shimmer to your tan and really prolongs it. My tan has only just started to fade and I've been home just over two weeks. Perfect! It's quite cheap, I got it in the sale for only £4!! The smell isn't great, but doesn't stink and as long as you wear perfume you can't really notice it!!

Next up is a bit of a bargain nail varnish, I've been searching for a nice glitter polish for quite a while, but all of the ones I've seen so far that I like have been quite pricey which I can't afford at the minute. Therefore I was delighted when I saw Rimmel's I Love Lasting Finish Nail Polish in 'Disco Ball' for only £2 in Wilkinsons. I don't think you'd be able to wear it without a base coat of another colour, but it looks gorgeous, lately I've loved it over Barry M's Vivid Purple 161.

I've also been loving MUA's makeup. Previously an undiscovered treasure, I have been constantly checking into my local Superdrug to see if they've been getting the Undressed palette yet. Until I get a chance to snap that up, I have been loving Shade 12 eyeshadow. It is such a gorgeous gun metal grey, perfect for any smokey eye look! I've used it as a dark and light shade in my Emma Stone tutorial here.

Saving the best until last my ultimate June favourite has been my boyfriend and more or less moving in with him. We recently celebrated our 6 month anniversary and there are just no words to describe how happy I am at the moment. This month I've often just stopped to look and appreciate my gorgeous man, who is so supportive in everything I do and I know I wouldn't of been able to get through these last few months without him. He's my everything, and I can't wait to share many a fun moment with him together in our new home. I love him and he puts the smile on my face...

Monday, 2 July 2012

Emma Stone Inspired Look.. (My first tutorial, feedback welcome and needed!!)

Okay, so Emma Stone normally goes for the understated look and is very much a fan of the nudes and pastels.. However, I absolutely loved her dramatic metallic look for the 2012 Golden Globes. So here I show you how I managed to get this look using all 'drugstore' brands so it is cheap and affordable and hopefully you guys like it! Sorry about the poor quality pictures, I am saving up monies for a new camera so for not I am using my boyfriend's beloved iPhone!!


First I applied a base of Bourjois's Healthy Mix foundation in shade 52 Vanilla. I also used Rimmel's Wake Me Up Concealer in shade True Ivory. I love these products as it's not easy to find pale shades that really life the skin tone and make it look vibrant without looking like Casper!! (Or am I just looking in the wrong places).

Next I used an eyeliner to emphasise the outer and inner corners of my eyelids. The liner I used was Rimmel's Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in 261 Noir. I love this eyeliner as it's more of a crayon than a pencil which makes it perfect for blending and creating a dramatic look..

Next I went over this with MUA's shadow Shade 12 which is like a shiny gunmetal black/grey. I applied it very heavily over where the eyeliner had been, then just lightly in the middle of the eyes to create the two-tone effect with just the one shadow.

I then went over the eyeliner again and curled my eyelashes. The mascara I used was Maybelline's The Falsies Volum' Express Black Drama. I don't know what it is about this mascara but I love it, and it has always been my go to mascara which I always keep as a fail safe. Again, I focussed this on the outer and inner corners of my eye.

Finally I added a peachy baked blush, Tesco's own brand Vivo in shade 1 - Peaches and cream. Only £4 and seems to last forever so definitely a bargain and can pick it up when picking my groceries up, double score!!! Finally I used Vaseline's Rosy Lips to set the look and sweeped by hair into a low side chignon, securing with some hair ties.

Hopefully you like my look and maybe soon I'll try making videos