Wednesday, 29 August 2012

NOTD: Essie Clambake

Sorry for lack of blogging, just been focussing on finishing my dissertation and it was my birthday at the weekend!!

Just a quick nail of the day! I've been looking for a tomato red for ages after seeing a Nails Inc on QVC when I came across an Essie set in TK Maxc, one of the colours was Clambake and I'm in love :)

Birthday haul coming soon xxx

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Quick preview..

Just a quick preview of my birthday haul, this is just from my boyfriend.. Such a spoilt birthday girl I am <3

Monday, 20 August 2012

Brand New Twitter

Hey guys,

I believe some of my friends have started to get bored/annoyed by my blog related tweets and what not so I've decided to make a brand spanking new twitter for all things blog!! It's @thebiggirluk and I would love it if you could all go and check it out or leave your twitters so I can follow you guys too!!

Much loves, xxx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

6 Places..

I know it's took me a LOT longer than 10 days but I thought I may as well continue as I go on..

1. York.. There are no words for how much I love this place. I spent 3 of the most amazing years of my life there when I did my undergraduate degree and I met the five most special people to me who I'll never forget. It's such a beautiful city where you can walk everywhere. It also has more 365 bars and pubs so can't beat that can you???

2. DisneyWorld. I love Disney, it's not even my guilty pleasure, I'll scream it from the rooftops. This is like my version of Mecca. Not only are all my favourite people there, the rides are so exhilarating and the place on a whole is magical. I want to take Anthony's son there sooooo badly!!!

3. London. Everyone loves the capital don't they? That big old city of London. It's a pretty spectacular place. It also has a massive Disney Store and I've been to see some of the most amazing concerts at the O2 Arena including Madonna, Britney Spears and Glee Live!!!

4. My bed! I know it sounds awful, but I can't share my bed with anyone. There's no better feeling than going to bed and snuggling with your man, but it's amazing spreading out and stretching like a cat.

5. Easington Village. In particular a drive outside a certain house where my boyfriend used to live. This was where mine and Anthony's first kiss was, just after we saw Anthony's neighbour run out of a taxi into his house half naked. <3 Love is amazing.

6. Wherever Anthony, my boyfriend is. I know I'm always cheesy and say about him, but he is the best person I've ever met and I love him more than anything or anyone I'll ever know.

Thursday, 16 August 2012


I finally took the plunge and dyed it red!! I wanted to use a bright red hair dye, however have been dying my hair for so long, I was scared it wouldn't take so well as my hair wasn't fresh. I used La Riche Directions Pillarbox Red. I still don't think it's red enough, but what do you guys think???



Tuesday, 14 August 2012

101 things in 1001 days..

I've seen this on quite a few blogs and loved the prospect of it. So I compiled a list of things I want to do in the next 1001 days and thought I would share it with all of you beauties :) I'm going to make a page at the top of my blog so you can follow my progress with it too!!!

  1. Get a pen pal.
  2. Visit York with my five best friends.
  3. Finish my Master’s degree.
  4. Learn a new language.
  5. Have a spring clean of my handbag and shoecollection.
  6. Donate/throw out all clothes that no longer fit/Ihaven’t worn in the last 3 months.
  7. Discover a new word every day.
  8. Have bright red hair.
  9. Visit Disney World with my little family.
  10. Declutter all of my boxes in the loft/under my bed.
  11. Successfully grow some flowers.
  12. Gain the knowledge of how to create perfectKardashian curls.
  13. Plant a fruit tree.
  14. Reach 200 blog followers.
  15. Get a new tattoo.
  16. Move in with my boyfriend.
  17. Get my own car.
  18. Meet someone famous.
  19. Own a pair of shoes/piece of clothing worth over£100.
  20. Learn how to do a tumble turn.
  21. Remember all of the Ben 10 characters.
  22. Make a perfect pavlova.
  23. Do 10 proper push ups.
  24. Build some flat pack furniture without help.
  25. No chocolate for a month.
  26. Spend a whole day in my pjs, just because I can.
  27. Have my eyebrows threaded.
  28. Grow my hair git long.
  29. Reconnect with an old friend.
  30. Visit Northumberland with my boyfriend.
  31. Treat myself to a manicure and pedicure.
  32. Volunteer for a charity.
  33. Teach myself to do a forward roll.
  34. Gain the confidence to go swimming again.
  35. Not eat out for a whole month.
  36. Lose two stone.
  37. Pay someone a compliment everyday for a month.
  38. Get a grown up job.
  39. Save £500.
  40. Go to a festival.. and enjoy it.
  41. Get my makeup done at a beauty counter.
  42. Watch 100 films I’ve never seen before.
  43. Still be blogging in 1001 days.
  44. Go without chicken for one week.
  45. Try a weird type of meat.
  46. Visit every country in the United Kingdom (England,Scotland, Wales and Ireland).
  47. Film a Youtube video and actually upload it.
  48. Watch every James Bond movie.
  49. Get a dog.
  50. Treat my boyfriend to breakfast in bed, everyweekend for six weeks.
  51. Visit Rome.
  52. Have a Little Mermaid marathon.
  53. Learn to whistle.
  54. Buy a proper camera.
  55. Ride all the rollercoasters at a theme park.
  56. Tell my boyfriend I love him every day for the next1001 days.
  57. Master how to surf.
  58. Organise all of my clothes, shoes and bags.
  59. Read 50 new books.
  60. Go 30 days without spending a penny apart from onfood, petrol and bills.
  61. Appreciate my parents and Grandma more.
  62. Cook a three course meal from scratch.
  63. Learn to play golf.
  64. Go and see a West End Musical.
  65. Go a month without alcohol.
  66. Stop whinging for a whole week.
  67. Paint a room a new colour.
  68. Complete a 5K run in less than 30 minutes.
  69. Complete a grown up game on a games console.
  70. Stand in two different places at once.
  71. Try 5 new fruit and vegetables.
  72. Overcome my fear of peas.
  73. Own something, anything Chanel.
  74. Talk to someone all night, until the sun comes up.
  75. Watch the sunrise/sunset at a beach.
  76. Visit Paris.
  77. Have a proper, paid for massage.
  78. Tell people in my ‘real world’ about my blog.
  79. Learn how to play at least one song on the guitar(even if it is Smoke on the water).
  80. Put the lottery on.
  81. Camp outside in a tent.
  82. Go 48 hours without my phone or internet.
  83. Become a vegetarian for a month.
  84. Redecorate my bedroom.
  85. Buy someone a present just because.
  86. Make a drastic hairstyle change.
  87. Use a whole nail polish up.
  88. Romantically kiss in the rain.
  89. Have a dinner party for my friends.
  90. Learn how to make croissants.
  91. Change my nail colour everyday for a fortnight.
  92. Wear slippers more often.
  93. Wear matching underwear everyday for a week.
  94. Have a romantic weekend away in a cabin in themiddle of nowhere.
  95. Go to a football match.
  96. Take an exercise class I wouldn’t normally take.
  97. Sell or throw out everything I do not want or need.
  98. Get rid of my faithful old gold scarf.
  99. Learn 5 new things about 5 of my old friends.
  100. Not swear for a whole week.
  101. Graduate. Again.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Nail Polish Collection #1 - Barry M

After discovering I had about 50 nail varnishes, I thought I’d blog and show you guys which ones I have or if there’s any brands I don’t have, and need to try, you can let me know! I’ll be doing a series of these as I have quite a few and don’t want to bombard you all at once! I thought I’d start with my good old faithful Barry M polishes first.

Clear, Peach Melba, Mint Green, Berry Ice Cream, Silvery Lilac

Raspberry, Vivid Purple, Navy, Black

Foil Effect Gold, Gold Crackle, Croc Effect Black, White Crackle, Limited Edition Silver Glitter

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

OOTD: Haircuts and Cinema

Sorry for lack of posts lately, the good people at Sky Internet have not been my friends!! Just a quick outfit of the day as I've made an effort today!! Going to get my haircut soon (to fringe or not to fringe!!) then off to cinema to see Ted!!

Blazer - Primark £13
Top - River Island £8 in the sale
Leggings - Marks and Spencer £8.50
Boots - Primark £6

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

July Favourites..

AS IF July has come and gone!! It hardly feels like it has been here, eek! So of course, end of another month means another favourites post. Good reading? Yes. Good procrastination from writing my dissertation? Yes. Excellent.. Bit of a mixed bag here this month though..

My first favourite is my favouritist of my favourites. My Essie ridge filling base coat nail foundation. You can see my full gushing review of it here. It is just amazing, evens out your nails perfectly, as well as making them look so healthy and shiny. I enjoy it so much, the last couple of days I've dared to bare my nails with no polish as I like the way this base coat makes them look!!

Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting. A little late on the old Lip Butter bandwagon, as I can be quite sceptical with lip products. (Nothing wrong with my Vaseline Rosy Lips). However, I thought I'd treat myself and indulge in one. They're beautifully soft and creamy, and leave not too much of a strong colour on my lips which I like. It also smells totes amaze. Score.

Benefit's The Porefessional. I think this has made quite a few people's favourites since there was a free sample in Glamour magazine!! I think it's the perfect base and my tiny tube has lasted for so long and there's still plenty in! However, I don't know if I can afford to buy the full size product straight away :( BOO!! (Birthday gifts welcome haha)

The Dark Knight Rises. Need I say anymore?? I didn't think Christopher Nolan could top the last film, but here he goes and does it. I won't say too much as not to ruin it for anyone who hasn't already seen it and is planning to, if you are not planning to go and see it, DO IT!! You will not regret it, I think it's great for all audiences :)

I am addicted to Instagram. It's unreal. It's taken over my life and I love it.  I love the effects and how you can share your photos with others, it's so cute and quirky!! If anyone has instagram let me know what your names are and I'll check them out!

Would any of these make your favourites list??? xxx

NOTD: Patriotism

Just a quick NOTD post. Having spent most of the day watching the Olympics (swimming and gymnastics my favourites!!!), I was feeling particularly patriotic and wanted to show it off using my favourite nail polish colours. Having the Olympics here in the UK has made so many people who wouldn't normally watch it, embrace it and I feel like everyone is coming together! Go Team GB!!!

Colours Used: George Matt White, Barry M 292 Navy, Barry M 273 Raspberry