Saturday, 18 August 2012

6 Places..

I know it's took me a LOT longer than 10 days but I thought I may as well continue as I go on..

1. York.. There are no words for how much I love this place. I spent 3 of the most amazing years of my life there when I did my undergraduate degree and I met the five most special people to me who I'll never forget. It's such a beautiful city where you can walk everywhere. It also has more 365 bars and pubs so can't beat that can you???

2. DisneyWorld. I love Disney, it's not even my guilty pleasure, I'll scream it from the rooftops. This is like my version of Mecca. Not only are all my favourite people there, the rides are so exhilarating and the place on a whole is magical. I want to take Anthony's son there sooooo badly!!!

3. London. Everyone loves the capital don't they? That big old city of London. It's a pretty spectacular place. It also has a massive Disney Store and I've been to see some of the most amazing concerts at the O2 Arena including Madonna, Britney Spears and Glee Live!!!

4. My bed! I know it sounds awful, but I can't share my bed with anyone. There's no better feeling than going to bed and snuggling with your man, but it's amazing spreading out and stretching like a cat.

5. Easington Village. In particular a drive outside a certain house where my boyfriend used to live. This was where mine and Anthony's first kiss was, just after we saw Anthony's neighbour run out of a taxi into his house half naked. <3 Love is amazing.

6. Wherever Anthony, my boyfriend is. I know I'm always cheesy and say about him, but he is the best person I've ever met and I love him more than anything or anyone I'll ever know.


  1. that's such a cute post. Enjoyed reading it. May u always be happy. <3

  2. Cool post, love the locations that you've chosen for the top 6!!