Friday, 29 June 2012

Holidays and OotH...

I know I haven't blogged recently (well for the last month) and I'm so sorry, just with going on holiday then moving house it's been quite crazy so haven't had time to sit down and get blogging. However, I just thought I would share with you guys some of my holiday snaps and a OotH (Outfit of the Holiday)!

So I went to Tunisia with my Mam for a week as a kind of 'You've finished your master's' reward. I don't get to see my Mam a lot so it was sooo nice to spend a full week just us girls.

So when we got to the hotel (at 1am may I add) there was a lovely salad waiting for us.

We were staying all inclusive so just stayed on the beach during the day and round the terrace bar on the night.. A few of my outfits are shown below....The dress in the middle (floral drop hem dress, £17 Primark) was definitely my OotH though. Felt so beautiful in it and fit perfectly!!!

During the day it got up to about 34 degrees celsius (which is about 93 farenheit I think), what a lovely view we had on the beach and we even saw a few camels!!

All and all a fantastic holiday :) I promise I will get back to blogging again!!

Mwah xxx


  1. Ooooh lovely! :)

    Those outfits are gorgeous! You look brilliant!


  2. Looks like you had a great time!! We were thinking of going to Tunisia in Sept! I'ma new follower from Brightside Beauty Hop :)


  3. Hey!

    Hope you had a fantastic time, you look gorgeous, loving your outfits :)

    Thank you for following and commenting on my blog.
    Now following back :)

    Laura xx