Monday, 17 December 2012

Guest Post: Alternatives to the LBD

The lovely Sophie over at Pretty Passions, Fine Fashions has wrote a lovely post all about the alternative options to the LBD over the festive season!!

Christmas Party Dressing Alternatives

I LOVE dresses. I thought this would be a useful fact to mention before you read any further because this is about wearing anything but dresses. Do you find yourself wearing something quite similar every year? A variation of the same dress. Perhaps, this year the colour is different or it has a collar or if you’re really making a change, it might be longer or shorter (woah, hold on there, don’t get too drastic.) Are you getting bored with this dress pattern? If you wear something a little different people are sure to commend you for your style endeavours. Here are some stylish solutions to any winter wardrobe woes:

     The Sequin Tux
I have wanted one of these for a long time now. I think I saw Arizona Muse wearing one a couple of years ago and it looked so good on her. It can be worn more formally with a cream chiffon blouse or more laidback with a t-shirt. For a feminine look, wear with patent black point toe stilettos with a skinny heel and for a more edgy look wear black wedge heeled creepers. Keep the accessories to a minimum and make sure the suit is black in order to not hurt people’s eyes or make the outfit look too busy.

The Jumpsuit
Bring back an ‘80s Christmas in a dark purple jumpsuit with wide leg trousers. Purple is this season’s most popular colour as far as runway shows are concerned. I’m thinking of Gucci’s autumn/winter 2011/12 show for inspiration but dark shades of purple were in abundance at an array of fashion shows. Purple exudes beauty and royalty and Christmas is surely the best time of year to feel royal and it’s always nice to feel beautiful when welcoming in the New Year. Wear with purple platforms and a purple clutch.

 Black Playsuit with Peter Pan Collar
Alexa Chung is my inspiration for this one. This is a very simple outfit so to inject some glamour, throw on a pair of super high heels; like six inches high. If it looks like you’ll have trouble walking in them then they are the right height. However, practice walking around the house in them before the planned party or Christmas Day. Walking in heels burns more calories than walking in flats so this can aid any pre-Christmas diets for a guilt free day. Wear huge dangly earrings too and make then silver and chandelier like. Don’t worry, the big earrings and either bigger heels won’t look trashy because, remember, you’re wearing them with a plain, understated monotone playsuit. 

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