Thursday, 3 May 2012

April Favourites :)

As if it's May already?? Cannot believe it!! So thought I would share with you some of the things I have been loving this last month. The majority are classics but having rediscovered them is making me a happy girlie at the moment!!!

So lets start off with....

Soap and Glory Hand food.. I've never really been a fan of moisturisers as I naturally have quite oily skin and therefore have never really needed much more than a light layer on my face. However, having worked in the stockroom at work recently, handling so much cardboard can make my hands dry and flaky. So when my friend said she couldn't use this due to having a nut allergy, I snapped up the chance of having this for free!! It's incredibly light but spreads well so you only need a little, thus it lasts for ages!!!


N-spa Vanilla Creme Brulee body scrub.. Since I love always having a tan (real or fake), exfoliating is always a big part of my beauty routine! So when I needed a new scrub and couldn't afford my old faithful Soap and Glory, I managed to snap this up for just £1 from my local Asda!! It smells divine and it is the perfect balance of not too big but not too small crystals to achieve a good scrub!! There are a few other flavours as well that I'm dying to try out when I run out!!

As you saw in my last post, I love having different shades of nail polish on, as without it I feel naked!! Mid-April I went to Sheffield to see some of my best friends and have a night out and needed a polish to match my dress!! I LOVE BARRY M NAIL POLISHES!! So was a perfect excuse to purchase another one, I absolutely love this colour as it looks so shiny and neat on my nails. It also goes on perfectly, needing only one coat for a perfect finish and only £2.99 too :)

Onto beauty products now..

Now, I have seen every blogger and their dog brag about this foundation, and with my trusty Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse having ran out, thought it would be worth a try as it was on the Boots 3 for 2 offer. Now I have not usually been a fan of liquid foundations due to my oily complexion but may I say this product is flawless. I used the Light Beige colour and it gives perfect coverage, as well as making your skin look more illuminated. Always what you need when it's cold and wintery outside still!!

Since I have quite pale skin (or porcelain as I like to see it) it's hard to find a good blusher that doesn't make you look like a china doll with rosey cheeks. So, with it not being summer just yet and not needing to apply a bronzer to my full face, I thought I could try using it as a blusher and my days does it work!! It is the perfect colour to achieve a natural look, and if your skin type is darker or lighter all you need to do is blend in a bit more of each shade. I got this with a £5 No7 voucher I had saved for a rainy day and the packing alone is quite sleek and compact!

Definitely a trusty old faithful next..

For years, I always refused to cave in to the pressures to buy Ugg boots, always opting for cheaper versions from Primark (only £5) or Next (£10). However, since my parents couldn't think of what else to buy me for Christmas, I finally caved and let them buy me some. Now I've never been a shoe person but my days these are like walking on clouds!! They don't misshapen like cheaper versions and are so toasty. So why include them in this months favourites? With the dull weather coming back, I've had to abandon my dolly shoes and come back to these beauties. BEST SHOES EVER!!!

Last but not least...

I know it doesn't really come under the umbrella of my topics for this blog but I must rave about this. It's an instant tea from Whittard of Chelsea and it is blooming marvellous!! It is made from Green Tea with Ginseng Extract, meaning it helps boost weight loss, but doesn't taste yacky like normal green teas. You can have it hot or cold, which is a bonus that if you forget it's there (like I always do) it still tastes good cold. It does come in at a pricey £5.50 per tub, but since I work there I get a tub free once every other week! So if anyone wants a tastey alternative to green tea, I would definitely recommend this!!

Anyone tried any of these? and what are your favourites for this month? I'd love to hear them :)


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