Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Topshop Hidden Treasure polish...

I'm not a big lover of Topshop if I'm honest *shock horror*. Just their size 16 clothing doesn't even get round my leg let alone over my ass, which is a bit of a joke.. But after seeing so many nice reviews about their cosmetics I thought I'd pop in and have a gander when I discovered this beauty....

The colour is Hidden Treasure and I just thought it was gorgeous!! At first I thought it was just going on gold, however after the second coat you could see the green tinges. Yes, it is still more gold than green but I love it..and for only £6 it really is treasure!!

I shall definitely be checking out Topshop cosmetics more in the future. I love the high street price as well as the cute packaging, I love polka dots :)

Mwah xx


  1. This is really lovely, I've noticed so many are doing this shade now. Looks pretty on! :)


  2. I'm not a Topshop fan either, it's very rare that I can find clothes I like in there. I do love their makeup though, and this is a lovely shade!!


  3. Haha I hate topshop too! When I go in I feel like the shop assistants are looking at me and thinking 'Well you're too fat for anything in here' being a size 18 :D But I do pop in for a look at their make up, this nail varnish is pretty! It reminds me of 'just spotted the lizard' by opi.