Thursday, 17 May 2012

Model's Own Tropical Sun Dupe

Okay, so I absolutely love a couple of Model's Own nail polishes, however at £5 a piece (or 2 for £8 as Boots currently have it) I was unsure whether to pay it the price. In particular I have been loving their Tropical Sun nail polish.

So I was more than excited when I discovered a dupe for it from Tesco at the bargain price of 99p! I've never tried any of Tesco's own brand cosmetics but for the price I thought I couldn't miss out, even if it was  a bit pants. However, it went on BEAUTIFULLY...

It does take at least 3 or 4 coats to get a decent coverage but can't complain due to the cost!! However, just goes to show that waiting can really save you money. Now to find a dupe for their Indian Ocean and Copper Pot colours and I'll be a happy girl!!! Any ideas ladies?????

Mwah xx


  1. Hiya, I love it when you find a good cheap dupe! I'm really gettin to nail polish at the moment. I found you on through blog hop and I'm now following. I'm a fellow UK girl x :-)

  2. the color is just gorgeous!

  3. Hi I found you through the blog hop ( I was this weeks co host) an really like your blog, am now following :) xx

    A Scholar Life

  4. Actual Tropical Sun takes about four coats for decent coverage too so you're not missing out there! Wish I'd seen this before I bought mine haha