Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Birthday haul: part one

So it was my birthday about 10 days ago and I was soooo lucky to be spoilt beyond belief especially by my boyfriend :) so spoilt that I'm going to have to split my birthday haul into two!! The first part will be my main present and other bits and bobs, then my second will be solely beauty products I received :)

So I'll start with one of my bigger presents from my parents.. My kindle!!! I love reading, and I always find it such a chore looking for books to read in shops so now I can do that from my very own home!! Plus it means they won't get damaged and there won't be any awkward getting comfy while holding a massive book moments.. Just can't decide whether to get the Dexter books first or game of thrones! Any suggestions??

Next I LOVE the Little Mermaid so I got quite a few themed goodies.. My boyfriends little boy got me an Ursula and King Triton doll I've been eyeing up a while. My boyfriend Anthony got me the two little Ariels too!!

Next I got a few DVDs and Cheryl's album.. Obviously as a northerner, Cheryl is my beauty idol!! Also got the 'Bared to You' book, after loving fifty shades of grey, clearly the boyfriends wanting me to get a bit fruity again!!

I got two beautiful scarves, one leopard print scarf which is huge and the seahorse print scarf which I am in LOVE with!!!! And this tribal print clutch bag from River Island!!

I always love Pandora charms for presents, as I feel they mean so much and I love that all of my charms have a story about them.. Anthony bought me this beautiful hearts charm, because we're in love (Awwww)

Last but not least I got a meerkat!! Well Aleksandr the meerkat :)

I'll be posting my beauty birthday pressies tomorrow, featuring Chanel, MAC, Essie and more....


  1. Great birthday presents! Hope you had a great day!



  2. Lovely birthday gifts :) Hope you had a fab day :) Ixx