Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Top 5 Dupes..

So never one to pass up a bargain, I realised that I owned quite a few close dupes which I picked up for pennies compared to the real deal. Therefore I thought I would share these goodies with you and where to find them!!!

5. At number five is my 99p nail polish from Tesco in Bellini, which is a dupe for Model's Own Tropical Sun. For only 99p, it is a massive saving, plus you can pick it up whilst doing your grocery shopping!! Yes, it does take a few more coats than the Model's Own polish, but for a fifth of the price you can afford to apply a few more layers!

SAVING - £4.01

4. A cute little dupe for Benefit's High Beam. I have never really been into using highlighters, but had been toying with getting a cheaper alternative like MeMeMe's version. However imagine my delight when I popped into Body Care and spotted Technic's High Lights, which is a double for Benefit's High Beam and even cheaper than the dupe I was already considering buying!! It was only £1.99, which is a fraction of the price that High beam is.

SAVING - £16.51

3. Another nail polish here, with Topshop's Hidden Treasure. This is a well known dupe for Chanel's Peridot and personally I think it is the perfect price. I love the petrol kind of look and duo tone it has to it in the light, and it is perfect for the upcoming autumn months!!

SAVING - £13.00

2. What did we all do before MUA cosmetics please?? These cute affordable and amazingly pigmented cosmetics allow us to splurge without feeling guilty as we get so much for our money! So it's even better when you get a dupe for a MAC eyeshadow for just £1!! MUA's Shade 12 - Pearl is a perfect double for MAC's Club eyeshadow, with it being a dark brown with iridescent green shimmering in it.

SAVING - £12.00

1. Everyone has had one of YSL's Touche Eclats. They are just the epitomy of highlighting as well as being able to conceal slight blemishes and your undereye bags by reflecting the light. However, Maybelline does a cheaper version called their Dream Touch Lumi Concealer which does everything that the Touche Eclat does, but without the price tag.

SAVING - £18.01

I know what you all must be thinking.. she's missed the biggest dupe of them all out! But I thought it would be too obvious to include, but I will give it an honorary mention that the Undressed Palette from MUA is a massive dupe for Urban Decay's Naked palette. With a whopping saving of £32.00, this is definitely one of the best dupes out there!!!


  1. Great post, if only MUA was readily available over here...

    1. I would happily do a swap or send some stuff over if you want? xxx

  2. Great post, great to know that you can get offers that look similar to other products!



    1. Definitely saves the bank balance haha xxx