Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Outfit of the Night.. Cocktails and Champagne..

Saturday night is always fun time night! I haven't been out in a proper social situation in nearly six months, so this was rather exciting, getting to doll myself up and paint the town red. It's always fun to forget about your troubles and worries for a night and just enjoy good company and even better cocktails..

So the night started in the afternoon. My bestest friends from university had trekked across the country to visit me and had arrived the night before, where we had shared catch up stories and nibbles. So we had spent all day baking cookies, gossiping and nail painting (you know how girls do), and before we knew it four o'clock arrived and we had to start getting ready. I know it seems early but we were going out for a meal at seven and five girls take quite a while to get ready!

So we rushed around and managed to get ourselves presentable for 6.25pm, five minutes before the taxi was due so we had time to pose for a few photies. Luckily we'd all decided to go for sophisticated chic, with blazers and tights to stay warm as it had been snowing earlier that day. So we enjoyed a merry meal and then went to many a cocktail bar. We all felt very grown up, we are 23 now not 18, and felt all SATC with our cocktails and boy gossip.

The outfit I decided to wear was a dress from New Look that I got for my holibobs, which was in the sale for £7. I wore my favourite Red Herring wedges which I got for £28 and some of Primark's finest standard black tights.


  1. Love your dress! The person in the green peplum top looks like Billie Piper! Hope you had a great evening


    1. Thanks hun! I'll tell her that, I never noticed it before! xxx

  2. I love the pattern and colors of your dress! Great post love!

    xo Olivia

  3. I love the nail polish and ring shot very pretty
    I am doing a poll on my blog I would love if you visited and voted and commented on it.

  4. I don't think you are a big girl, just curvy but beautiful :) I also love your dress and all those nails :)

    Lovely blog, going to follow you x)