Friday, 19 October 2012

Stand Up To Cancer

Current statistics show that 1 in 3 people are affected by cancer. This is such a shocking fact, as it means that each and every one of us will know at least one person who is affected by cancer.

 I have personally been affected as in 1998 my Mam was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a 8 year old girl, being told that your Mam is seriously ill is life changing. You go from being a care free child to a woman in a matter of days. I had known my Mam's best friend had passed from cancer, so I was so terrified about what could happen. When my Mam was in hospital, I would dream that a big dog called Cancer would come and attack my Mam. I would hear my Mam hide upstairs because she didn't want me and my brother to see her be sick or when her hair began to fall out. I was extremely lucky and fortunate enough for my Mam to recover and has been clean for over 10 years, but I lost nearly three years when she was suffering. However I understand that not everyone can be so lucky. Not only does the Cancer Research organisation help fund work into finding a cure for cancer, it also supports the families who are affected and are able to tell you information that your parent, spouse, or friend are unable to tell you because it is too hard.

Tonight on Channel 4, they have organised a night of entertainment in aide of the Stand up to cancer campaign (more information can be found here and here). It's very similar to Comic Relief and Children in Need (which is also coming soon). Alan Carr will front a very special chat show with the green room from heaven whilst Davina hosts a high stakes version of The Million Pound Drop, aiming to raise big for Stand Up To Cancer. And throughout the night, Dr. Christian will be on hand to explain the science behind incredible new cancer trials and meet those whose lives depend on breakthroughs in cancer research.

I urge everyone to donate anything they can towards Stand Up To Cancer as everyone deserves a chance, or even donate to your chosen charity. Together we can fight and together we can stand up to cancer. 


  1. Such as sad post, I'm glad your mum recovered though. It's so disappointing and annoying that innocent people are being affected by a horrible illness when they don't deserve it, it's the criminals who deserve it!



    1. I don't think anyone deserves it, worst thing ever. xxx