Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Losing my Essie virginity..

Just a short and sweet post to rave about losing my Essie virginity...Well, it's not properly losing my Essie virginity as I've only used the base coat, but I had to mention it as I was so impressed! On a recent random trip to TK Maxx, I picked up a bunch of Essie nail polishes as was so excited by the price (5 for £17.98).

When preparing my nails for an upcoming tutorial, I decided to use my new Essie ridge filling base coat and my oh my was I ever so amazed!! Not only did it even out my damaged nails, but it gave my nails a nice sheen and I would use this even by itself. Definitely overtaking my love for Barry M's All in One polish!! It also makes my nails feel stronger and it dries ridiculously fast.

Hopefully will have the tutorial posted up tomorrow, still deciding between ombre nails and cling film nails! Any preference???

Mwah xxx


  1. Damn I almost bought this as TK maxx too and didnt! Sounds good!

    I have no idea what cling film nails are, so I'd love to see those :)


  2. Is ESSIE a good brand? Would you recommend it? I have a lot of polishes that are streaky and go on thin, and I really need a good brand to buy!


    1. I would recommend Essie definitely! However, my all time favourite nail polish brand is Barry M! And Asda's nail polishes are also canny xxx