Sunday, 29 July 2012

Nine loves..

Time for nine loves, probably easier to write than my ten secrets..

1. My number one love is my boyfriend, Anthony. Cheesy to say it but he's the best thing that's ever happened to me. He's so supportive in every aspect of my life, and is always there for me no matter what. I literally feel like he's the other half of me. :)

2. My Daddy. I'm a massive Daddy's girl, it's true that the main man you'll ever love is your Dad. He's the best, we just have so much in common and I can go to my Daddy about anything at all. So many things I've learned from him, and I've took after him for, like my love for pop music, my awesome sense of humour, and my love for horror movies.

3. My Mam. If anyone had said to me two years ago I would be close with my Mam, I would laugh in their face. We never got on for years, probably because we're literally the same person. I feel sorry for my Dad for having to look after both of us. However, at the grand ages of 22 and 50, I can finally say my Mam is my  best friend, who I can tell anything and everything to.

4. Nail polishes. My absolute massive beauty vice. I love nail polishes, my aim in life is to have every colour under the rainbow in them.

5. My bestest friends, the Cool Kids. They're literally five of the nicest girls you can ever meet and I feel like we are all just so in sync. I just wish we all lived together instead of living at every end of the country!!

6. Disney. Disney is the ultimate brand. I love everything Disney, the places, the films, the music, the characters, EVERYTHING. I feel like Disney is my youth, and by watching the films I feel like it keeps me youthful! I love rewatching them and remembering how I felt at the time, I also LOVE how I understand half the jokes now!

7. Food. *Insert big girl joke here*

8. My boyfriend's son. He's so cute and adorable and possibly the best child alive. He cracks me up sometimes, and I'm pretty sure he has a better sense of humour than me. He is good as gold, and he's so smart too! He's gonna be a heartbreaker when he grows up, so watch out!!!

9. I know I've already said, but my ninth love has to go to my boyfriend Anthony again. Because he's the beginning and the end for me. CHEESE


  1. Awww what a lovely post :)

    I love that you put your boyfriend in as the beginning and the end :)


  2. such a cute post. liked the disney and boy friend part. :)

    LOve! <3

  3. Fab Loves! I felt quite emotional when reading the family related ones about your mum, boyfriend and boyfriend's son