Thursday, 5 July 2012

What's in my bag?

My major guilty pleasure of blogs are 'What's in my bag?' posts. Therefore whilst cleaning out my bag of all the rubbish I had in it, I thought what better time than to do one of my own!!

Nude and Gold Bag
I got this bag in the Primark sale for just £5 and I love it, it is the perfect size and can fit so much in it. I used it as my flight bag when I flew to Tunisia.

Fifty Shades Freed
When I first heard about these books, I wasn't that fussed about reading them. But as popularity grew, I thought I'd jumped on the bandwagon. I loved the first two, but struggling to get into this one.

Vaseline Rosy Lips
I have an addiction to Vaseline as think it's such an affordable and multi use beauty buy. I love that this has a pink tint so don't need to dry out lips with lipsticks or glosses.

Garnier BB Cream sample
I keep meaning to try this as I've heard BB creams are better for those with oily skin, so keep carrying it around hoping that one day I'll use it!!

Blackberry Curve 8520
Over the last 2 years I have LOVED my blackberry, BBM was my obsession but knowing my upgrade is next week, I have to have the serious think as to whether to continue with a Blackberry or convert to the iPhone crew. Help?!?


MAC Dazzleglass - Baby Sparks
I love glosses waaaaay over lipsticks (I only own 2 lipsticks), so I always carry a gloss. This one is such a soft neutral pink, it goes with everything.



Sure Deodrant in Clear Pure
I don't like to smell, therefore deodrant is a must!!

FCUK Purse
This was a TK Maxx bargain, it's cute and can fit everything I need in.

Soap and Glory Hand Food
My favourite ever hand lotion, working with cardboard boxes a lot and moving stock around can really cause my hands to get dry so this is an essential for me. Plus it smells beaut too :)

Various vouchers

Gok Wan prescription sunglasses.
I don't know why but I feel a bit embarrassed over having Gok Wan sunglasses but they're beautiful and help me see better. Score!!


Bank Book


The Hungry Caterpillar Tissues

Pandora Bracelet
I love my Pandora bracelet and every single charm means soo much to me. Everytime I'm down, I look at it and remember all the good times and how I'm so lucky to have people who care about me.

Mwah xxx


  1. That's a really nice bag, I never see any nice bags when I'm in Primark! (still love it though!)
    p.s I nominated you for an award on my blog xx

    1. Thanks hun! and I've seen that you can get a black version of the bag so need to go hunting haha xxx

  2. You have to look at my post! You could be my mind twin. I have Fifty Shades Freed, handcream, tissues, sure deodorant, tickets to my daughters concert rather than vouchers but similar and keys :p

  3. I loveeeeeeee your bag!! How was your experience with BB cream? Have u reviewed it? I have a combination skin and I also heard it does best for oily/comb skin.

    Nice blog and reviews.
    Follow me back?

    1. I've tried it a couple of times and so far the BB cream has been alright-ish. The sample was in 'light' and after using it I looked like Casper!! However, the actual product was quite good, full review coming up though xxx

  4. Fab post! And really nice bag too.
    I always carry Hand Food with me too :)


    1. Hand Food is addictive, I have two travel sizes and a full size. haha xxx

  5. I love Soap and Glory hand food! :) xx

  6. Love these posts. Looks like you have some really nice stuff in your bag! :)xx